Thursday, January 16, 2014

woven ( wall )

this wall now has 6 weavings
I'd like to have a total of 9
3 more white lap loom weavings on the

as opposed to the 'family'
I've mentioned,
I think this is a social group:
friends & relations
bound together because
they like one another,
and live well together.


  1. it shows - so serene, so harmonious!

  2. I like it a lot. The consistency of your work fascinates me. I will continue to subscribe to your blog and watch as you develop this wall into your vision.

    I hung a slew of my weavings in the hallway of our small home and I am having so much pleasure just walking by them. Neighbors are being encouraged to look at them too and if they really love a piece I'll give it to them. Space for more is how I have to look at the situation as they move on to new homes.