Sunday, January 12, 2014


I designed a dining room table & bench which my woodworker friend Joel just finished. he thought of a way to eliminate a central connecting beam (which I wanted to avoid) by working with a metalsmith to create structural supports set into the X beams. he powder-coated these in white.

I've found working with an independent woodworker is an amazing opportunity to have just the furniture you'd like created, and at a fraction of the cost of nice furniture stores, since there is not a retail mark-up


  1. That is really beautiful, well-done!

  2. Oh, the table and bench are gorgeous!! My kitchen table is one of the next things on my list to "upgrade" around the house, but since we'll be moving I'm holding off on changing it until I know of the space in which it needs to fit. Do you know if Joel would be willing to do more custom work like this?

    1. Joel says yes, just asked! I'll give you his contact info on Sunday

  3. Where is this magical Joel based from? :)