Saturday, April 12, 2014

on my mind

getting more into cooking. I like stir frys.

I bought a wok the other day- not this one- but this one looks cool, too.

good price.


handmade shoes

if you were to judge from etsy, it seems that Israeli women & men like to make shoes. and make very nice ones.

Walk by Anat Dahari

portraits of a narcissist

hi there. its me, I am Caitlin. I write and run this blog. weaver, person, artist, human being.

I mentioned Risperidone in my previous post. you may wonder, what is this? its a powerful anti psychotic drug used to stabilize persons with powerful mental problems.

such as?

bipolar 1 aka what a lot of homeless persons 'have' (= are)

its 2am. I actually enjoy sleeping but was woken from my sleep by night terrors, characterized by sweating, a sense of impending doom (subconscious) etc. I am lucky not to be outside in the dark, alone, frightened, and addicted to harmful substances.

I took a series of self portraits- selfies- and am posting them because I am experiencing life, and this is a lifestyle blog. I have a laptop, a camera, time, energy, and a need to express myself.

tonight I went for a walk around the block because I felt angry. everyone gets angry, and lots of people take walks around the block. I met a man, outside my 'co-op' grocery store who does not have enough money to purchase food. he may be starving. I don't know. I don't know him. I bought him a sandwich.

what is my point?

when a person- MAN, WOMAN, CHILD, ANYONE- asks for a sandwich, or for some change, and you have it to give, PLEASE consider giving it to them because they may actually, LITERALLY, be starving to death, hence their crude, abrupt, or otherwise not quite subtle request that you help them avert impending death.

when you buy a pair of $300 shoes that you do not need- which I have done, and may do in the future- please consider whether you need that, or if 300 people need $1. or if one person- anyone you may come across- needs $300.

and so on.

Friday, April 11, 2014


store-bought flax muffins with day-old avocado spread like jam or butter. good.

and some great orange juice to wash down the risperidone.

all good.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

just a bunch 'a

oh you know, just a bunch of baskets

studio ( change over )

we are converting 'my studio' into our shared space.

it looks nice and feels exciting, but its also the result of painful work we're doing in our relationship.

my husband is an awesome and amazing man. my best friend BY A LOT. but he's also imperfect, and so am I.


scout playing with ball

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

image ( explanation )

I need this goat skin to help me sleep at night, now